Agriculture - Climagro

Agriculture - Climagro

Efficient management of agricultural areas and sustainable management of natural resources are in the interest both of producers and of society.

Using the CLIMAGRO system, we enable our users to optimize their agricultural industry in terms of addressing the agro-meteorological variables and adapting agriculture and related industries to climate change.

CLIMAGRO, which primarily comprises of high-quality measuring instruments, enables the user to have a real-time overview of the agro-meteorological variables from selected measuring sites. CLIMAGRO provides information on:

  • Soil moisture
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Air pressure

The information on these variables is available to the user through customized software that creates a graphic representation of the variables measured. The system also provides an overview of the meteorological data from nearby weather stations, a radar image of precipitation, and the official weather forecast by the national environmental agency.

The customized software also enables the analysis of agro-meteorological data and an overview of other collected data at a single location. The system provides automatic warnings of extreme weather conditions (hail, frost, drought, etc.) and notifies the user of when the timing is optimal to sow and spray to prevent pests or frost.