Automatic weather stations

Automatic weather stations

Studio okolje boasts many years of experience in the field of meteorological monitoring and using measuring devices.

By developing advanced software solutions, we are constantly expanding our knowledge.

We provide consultations on, and the setting-up of, professional weather stations for our clients. The stations are fully automated, ensure the reliability, comparability, and traceability of measurements taken, and are in compliance with the applicable meteorological monitoring standards.

We provide advanced solutions that comprise:

  • Planning the setting-up of the weather station
  • Easy to use meteorological mast
  • High-quality measuring instruments
  • Customized software for automatic transmission of data
  • Customized software for the validation of measured data
  • Security system for notifying the client in the event of data loss
  • Custom software providing an overview of the data obtained
  • Possibility of introducing additional instruments into the existing station
  • Presenting data in desired format