Infield olfactometer SM100i

Infield olfactometer SM100i

The Scentroid SM100i field olfactometer is a breakthrough in the development of field odour monitoring.

In contrast to the laboratory olfactometer, which is used in a laboratory environment to evaluate odour in a previously extracted air sample, the field olfactometer enables us to evaluate odour directly in the field or wherever odour nuisances occur.

The entirely automated SM100i olfactometer has been developed by Studio okolje and Scentroid. It enables the user to analyze odour applying either:

  • the Yes/No method
  • or the Hedonic tone method

The SM100i olfactometer is compliant with the applicable European Olfactometry Standard (EN13725).

The user operates the instrument using a tablet or mobile phone with a costumized SM100i application. The SM100i application enables the user to have a Google Earth overview of the measurements made, and to send the archive with the measurements via email to their computer at work for the purpose of further analysis and report preparation.