Portable olfactometer SS400

Portable olfactometer SS400

Scentroid SS400, a dynamic olfactometer developed by Studio okolje and Scentroid, is an advanced portable six station olfactometer.

The instrument meets all the requirements of the EN17325 and VDI3881 olfactometry standards. Since it is fully portable it can be transported quickly to a remote location, thus minimizing the time between sampling and odour analysis.

The user operating the instrument by the means of a tablet can choose between three methods:

  • Yes/No method
  • Binary method
  • Hedonic tone method

Each of the six panelists answers questions prompted by the administrator tablet running one of the three methods in the SS400 application. The administrator or head of the laboratory can access the panelists’ individual answers, the data collected, and the end results obtained with testing directly in the SS400 application. The administrator tablet is connected to the olfactometer via Bluetooth and to the panelists’ tablets via Wi-Fi.

Similar to the Scentroid SM100i field olfactometer, the Scentroid SS400 application also enables the user to forward the archive with the results to their computer at work via email, enabling further analysis and the preparation of reports.