Air Quality Monitoring


At Studio okolje, we make our clients’ peace of mind a priority. They may rest assured that the collected data will meet the requirements for completeness, accuracy and representativeness of data sets.

To achieve these requirements, our solutions include high-quality instruments, customized software, and air quality expertise.

We measure several air quality parameters, including:

  • Particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10)
  • Organic Compounds:
    • Methane CH4
    •  Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Benzene C6H6, Toluene C6H5-CH3, others)
    • Thiols – Mercaptans (Methyl Mercaptan, others)
  • Inorganic Compounds:
    • Carbon Monoxide CO
    • Carbon Dioxide CO2
    • Sulfur Compounds (Sulfur dioxide SO2, Hydrogen sulfide H2S,others)
    • Nitrogen Oxides NOx,
    • Ammonia NH3

We provide a full range of air quality services, including:

  • Consultation on air quality parameters
  • Monitoring plan development
  • Equipment installation and calibration
  • Data transmission over cellular network or LAN
  • Automated data retrieval with custom software
  • Data validation and evaluation
  • Preview of data in real time
  • Custom software for data monitoring and analysis
  • Analysis and report preparation in different report formats