Dispersion modeling


Aside from measurements, we also analyze the dispersion of particles by means of computer models that describe the physical events which take place in the process of dispersion, and simulate the dispersion of particles in a given impact area.

Studio okolje provides solutions that utilize cutting-edge dispersion models (CALPUFF and others in combination with mesoscale weather models), vast experience in the subject field, and other technical solutions. This enables us to:

  • Assess impact of one or more industrial plants or other emission sources
  • Address the air quality at the level of municipalities, city municipalities, and other local communities
  • Determine whether the existing facilities meet all the regulations and standards
  • Predict whether it is possible to improve the efficiency of the existing facilities by implementing optimization processes in the industrial plants
  • Predict the consequences of different exceptional occurrences of either natural or anthropogenic origin
  • Assess the impact of transport emissions on the environment
  • Address the impact of odour emissions on the environment
  • Calculate the height of the planned stack