Meteorological monitoring


Our solutions include meteorological expertise, high-quality meteorological instruments and customized software.

Due to our advanced software, our clients may rest assured that the collected data will meet requirements for completeness, accuracy and representativeness of data sets.

We measure several meteorological variables, including:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Turbulence parameters
  • Air temperature
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Atmospheric humidity
  • Precipitation
  • Solar and terrestrial radiation
  • Others

We provide a full range of meteorological services, including:

  • Consultation on meteorological parameters
  • Monitoring plan development
  • Equipment installation and calibration
  • Data transmission over cellular network or LAN
  • Automated data retrieval with custom software
  • Data validation and evaluation
  • Preview of data in real time
  • Custom software for data monitoring and analysis
  • Analysis and report preparation in different report formats